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Porsche Targa 997S Specifications:

Make and Model: Porsche Targa 997
Year: 2004
Engine Type: 3.8 L flat-6
Torque: 295lb-ft@4600rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 4.7 s
Suspension: Porsche Active Suspension Management
Wheel Base: 92.5 inches
List Price $95,900
Horsepower: 355bhp@6800rpm
Top Speed: 179 mph
Brakes: Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Weight: lbs


The Porsche Targa 4 and Targa 4S are equipped with a glass roof and hatch. The roof can be opened at any speed, it drops down an inch and slides a meter back underneath the hatch. As the roof weighs an additional 60kg suspension has been modified from Carerra models. The only other Targa made with 4WD was the 964 Targa, produced from 1989 up to 1993.