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Porsche Cayenne Specifications:

Make and Model: Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Year: 2002
Engine Type: 4.5 liter Biturbo V8
Torque: 460lb-ft@2250rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 5.5 s
Suspension: PASM
Wheel Base: 112.4 inches
List Price $88,900
Horsepower: 450bhp@6000rpm
Top Speed: 165 (electronically controlled) mph
Brakes: 4-wheel vent. disc
Transmission: 6-speed Manual
Weight: 5192 lbs


The Porsche Cayenne is available as the standard Cayenne and Cayenne S. Both models come equipped with an all new 4.5 liter V-8. The horsepower of the faster Porsche Cayenne Turbo is 450bhp, with a toge of 460lb-ft. The top speed of this model is 165mph. A pneumatic suspension system with a self-leveling feature is standard, and it is equipped with Porsche Traction Management four-wheel drive. Accompanying these features is Porsche Active Suspension Management, a variable dampening system that stabalizes body sway over rough terrain.