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Porsche 911 GT3 Specifications:

Make and Model: Hamann Porsche 911 GT3
Year: 2000
Engine Type: Flat 6
Torque: 299lb-ft@7260rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 4.5 s
Suspension: Adjustable coil over
Wheel Base: na inches
List Price $256,000
Horsepower: 412bhp@6830rpm
Top Speed: 189 mph
Brakes: 4-wheel disc
Transmission: 6-speed Manual
Weight: na lbs

2000 PORSCHE 911 GT3

Since September 2002, HAMANN also customizes the current Porsche models as well as the cars from BMW, Ferrari, Mini and Range Rover.

But HAMANN doesn't only offer classical tuning for engine, bodywork, chassis and interior. HAMANN gives the car wings in the true sense of the word! At the Geneva Motor Show 2003, the HAMANN SAN DIEGO EXPRESS celebrated its spectacular World Premiere with a revolutionary gullwing door design. The special model, which costs 239,000 Euro, was constructed on the basis of the Porsche 911 GT3.

The innovative HAMANN gullwing design, which stands out against conventional constructions, makes the coupe from Zuffenhausen a true eyecatcher. The doors swing up towards the top on an outboard stainless steel hinge fixed above the outside mirrors and stay in position supported by special gas dampers. The HAMANN gullwing design is that proven that the doors can be closed as easily, exactly and imperviously as on the standard car. The HAMANN gullwing conversion isn't only reserved for the HAMANN SAN DIEGO EXPRESS special model. Any 911 Carrera and Turbo of the 996 model range can be converted to HAMANN gullwing doors.

In addition the extravagant appearance of the HAMANN SAN DIEGO EXPRESS is marked by the extremely sporty styled bodystyling kit and the liquid-silver metallic special paint. This custom paint changes its shade depending on the solar radiation. The face of the sportscar is marked by the special headlight moldings and the HAMANN front apron with additional HAMANN COMPETITION front spoiler. With this combination the lift on the front axle is reduced that much that driving stability at high speed is further optimized. In addition, the apron, which completely replaces the standard bumper, has large air intakes to improve the fresh air supply of the coolers installed in the nose and the cooling of the front brakes.

The HAMANN side skirts don't only create a streamlined transition between the wheel houses in front and rear: They also harmoniously lead over to the rear HAMANN fender flarings which make the two-door car seven centimeters broader.

The enlarged wheel houses give room for extreme wheels. On the rear axle the car is furnished with multi-piece 13Jx19 light alloy wheels with 315/25 ZR 19 tires. 9Jx19 wheels with 235/35 ZR

19 tires perfectly fill the standard front fenders. HAMANN offers two different wheel designs. Beside the popular PG3 five-spoke rim there is also available the HAMANN Anniversary multi-spoke wheel.

Even the roof is modified on the HAMANN SAN DIEGO EXPRESS: The combination of the clear- coated HAMANN Carbon roof panel, the HAMANN air scoop and the HAMANN roof spoiler provides a genuine racing look. Efficient aerodynamics and spectacular design are the strong points of the HAMANN rear spoiler with integrated Gurney flap and additional adjustable rear wing. The three-piece HAMANN diffuser, which is fixed on the standard bumper, is also derived from motor racing.

The HAMANN coil-over sport suspension, which is adjustable in height and damping, and the stronger sport anti-roll bars are specially set up for the extreme 19-inch wheel/tire combination.

As a result the HAMANN SAN DIEGO EXPRESS is perfectly prepared for the GT3 engine tuned up to 412 hp / 303 kW. The performance tuning for the normally aspirated engine consists of forged high performance pistons, a modified cylinder-block, four high performance camshafts, a particular induction pipe design and the HAMANN stainless steel sport exhaust system with special manifolds, metal-bed catalysts and four exhaust tips.

The maximum power of 412 hp / 303 kW is reached at 7,260 rpm, 405 Nm of maximum torque are available at 6,830 rpm. Accordingly the road performances of the HAMANN SAN DIEGO EXPRESS are extremely high: From standstill the car catapults itself in 4.5 seconds to 100 km/h. After 13.6 seconds the special model is 200 km/h fast. Maximum speed is at 305 km/h.

The cockpit of the HAMANN SAN DIEGO EXPRESS is dominated by a precious mix from functional lightweight construction and exclusive accessories from aluminium and Carbon.