Nissan Exotic Cars

  • 2009 NISSAN GTR
    Formerly the Nissan Skyline GTR, Nissan decided to drop the Skyline name and instead just call it the
  • 2000 Nissan Skyline GTR
    The Nissan Skyline GT-R is an iconic Japanese sports coupe in the Nissan Skyline range. Dubbed "Godzilla" by Wheels magazine in Australia when released there in 1989, it was rated by many motoring magazines, including the well-respected Wheels, as
  • 1989 Nissan 300ZX
    The Nissan 300ZX also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z was part of the third and fourth generation of Nissan's Z-car with chassis designations Z31 and Z32. The 300ZX accelerated and handled better than the 280ZX, though their chassis remained similar