Mercedes Exotic Cars

  • 2007 Mercedes Benz S 600 Guard
    Mercedes Benz S 600 Guard is an armoured special-protection model. Thanks to its factory-integrated protective features, the new S-Guard provides a unique level of protection against attacks and threats posed by violent crime. Its armour resists
  • 2007 Mercedes Benz CLK 63 AMG
    The CLK63 AMG features a 6.3L V8 with a 7 speed automatic transmission. Available in both Coupe and Cabriolet. the AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine creates an awesome driving experience. The CLK 63 AMG produces more power and torque than any other vehicle in
  • 2007 Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG
    The CLS class was first offered for sale in Europe in autumn 2004. The model uses the Mercedes-Benz W219 designation, and borrows the platform of the contemporary E-Class sedan. The CLS was designed to slot between the E-Class and the S-Class. The
  • 2007 Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG
    The Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG is a 503-hp all-wheel-drive sport-utility that has very few rivals: the 520-hp Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, 420-hp Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and, to a lesser degree, the 355-hp BMW X5 4.8is and 320-hp Infiniti FX45. the
  • 2006 Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG
    In 2006-Mercedes-AMG the range-topping version of the luxury coupe, the CL 63 AMG. Under the bonnet is an AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine that delivers 525 hp for guaranteed smoking performance. A look at the high-tech specification of this two-door coup
  • 2006 Mercedes Benz S 65 AMG
    The Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG made its world premiere at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 8, 2006. The top-of-the-line S-Class has more power than any other vehicle in its class. Its ultra-powerful AMG 6.0-litre V12
  • 2006 Mercedes Benz S 63 AMG
    Dynamic progress is guaranteed by the 100% Mercedes-AMG developed 6.3-litre V8-engine with a peak output of 386 kW/ 525 hp and 630 newton metres of torque. The exclusive nature of the unique AMG high-performance cars is amply demonstrated by their
  • 2006 Mercedes Benz SLR 722 Edition
    Mercedes-Benz bought out the 722 Edition in 2006, the number being Denis Jenkinson and Stirling Moss's 1955 Mille Migilia winning race number, indicating their start time of 7.22 a.m. The Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 Edition has all the attributes of a
  • 2005 Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG
    Mercedes-AMG have succeeded in creating a most desirable car in the form of the new CLS55 AMG. The equipment of the CLS 55 AMG represents a pleasing combination of exclusive, sporty styling and high-quality materials. The CLS 55 truly top-notch
  • 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK DTM AMG
    This exclusive AMG high-performance speedster is modelled both stylistically and technically on the car that romped away with the DTM title in 2003. The racing-inspired AMG Coupe will be built by hand as part of a close cooperation between
  • 2004 Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG
    The Mercedes Benz SLK was updated in 2004 with a new Formula One-inspired appearance and serious performance. For 2005 the new R171-platform SLK was again on Car and Driver's Ten Best list, and it also won the Canadian Car of the Year's Best New
  • 2003 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR
    The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a sports car and supercar co-developed by DaimlerChrysler and McLaren Cars. "SLR" stands for "super-leicht, Rennsport" (super-light, racing). The bodystyling of the SLR is modelled on the McLaren Mercedes Silver
  • 2003 Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG
    The SL 55 AMG high-performance sports car comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission which sporty drivers can operate using a race car-style steering column gearshift. In terms of power delivery and torque characteristics, the SL 55 AMG sets new
  • 2002 Mercedes Benz Maybach
    Four months after its comeback at the Geneva Motor Show, the luxury car brand Mercedes Maybach is presenting the exciting new high-end automobile to the public for the first time. Equipped with the automotive technology of the 21st Century, crafted
  • 2001 Mercedes Benz G55 AMG
    The G-Wagen, short for Gel?ndewagen (or Cross-Country Vehicle), The G-Wagen was first offered for sale in 1979 and redesigned in 1990 and updated in 1997. Designed to be the most durable, reliable, and rugged machine with four wheels. Used by many
  • 2000 Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG
    The third generation of the CL is the W215-chassis coup? of 2000 to 2006. It is based on the 2000-2004/5 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, though it rides on an 8-inch shorter wheelbase. The styling package comprises modified front and rear aprons, as well as
  • 1999 Mercedes Benz CL 600
    The 2003 Mercedes Benz CL 600 features an updated styling and more exlusive interior with state-of-the-art technology. A redisigned twin headlamp face and restyled front bumpers give the car an even more powerful presence. A new 500bhp 12-cylinder
  • 1999 Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
    The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR was made to enter in the 1997 FIA GT Championship sportscar racing world championship series. To be allowed to do so, 25 cars had to be built for the GT1 class. After the CLK GTR won all World Championships titles it