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Lexus SC430 Specifications:

Make and Model: Lexus SC430
Year: 2001
Engine Type: Four Cam, 32V V-8
Torque: 320lb-ft@340000rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 6.3 s
Suspension: Double Wishbone
Wheel Base: 115.2 inches
List Price $59,840
Horsepower: 290bhp@5600rpm
Top Speed: 131 mph
Brakes: 4-wheel vent. disc w/ sensory
Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
Weight: 3955 lbs

2001 LEXUS SC430

The 2003 Lexus SC430 hardtop convertible makes the strongest statement yet about the passion for design and driving pleasure permeating from the Lexus brand. Call it the "passionate pursuit of perfection." Introduced in Spring 2001 the SC 430 quickly became one of the hottest-selling cars in the industry and has emerged as an aspirational car for many driving enthusiasts. A retractable hard-top transforms the Lexus SC430 from a 2+2 coupe into a convertible in less than 25 seconds. This design approach ends the compromise between the top-down driving pleasure that a convertible offers and the comfort and safety offered by a coupe.