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Ferrari Enzo Specifications:

Make and Model: Ferrari Enzo
Year: 2002
Engine Type: 6-liter V-12
Torque: 485lb-ft@5500rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 3.6 s
Suspension: 4-wheel independant
Wheel Base: 104.33 inches
List Price $652,000
Horsepower: 660bhp@7800rpm
Top Speed: 217 mph
Brakes: Brembo 4-wheel vent. disc
Transmission: 6-speed Electrohydraulic
Weight: 3009 lbs


Company founder Enzo Ferrari himself, always felt that design of the road cars should stem from the racers. Therefore, it was entirely logical that the company's latest creation should bear his name.
The Ferrari Enzo, built in a limited run of 399, is an outstanding expression of the concept of extreme sportiness, developed for road use, yet epitomising the most advanced concepts of Formula 1 racing technology. Ferrari set out to develop the Ferrari Enzo as an integrated system designed for extreme performance, in which even the limits of the performance achievable by the driver were enhanced, thanks to a man-machine interface typical of Formula 1.