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Ferrari 456 Specifications:

Make and Model: Ferrari 456 M GT
Year: 1995
Engine Type: V-12 5.5 liter
Torque: 406lb-ft@4500rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 5.0 s
Suspension: 4-wheel independant wishbone
Wheel Base: 102.4 inches
List Price $231,785
Horsepower: 442bhp@6250rpm
Top Speed: 186 mph
Brakes: 4-wheel vent. disc
Transmission: 6-speed Manual
Weight: 3726 lbs

1995 FERRARI 456

The Ferrari 456 is a true four seat coupe with classic Pininfarina styling. The current model was first introduced in 1992 and was updated in 1998 with a larger radiator grille and brake intakes to improve cooling. The rear bumper incorporates a lower fixed wing to enhance the down force produced by the flat rear underbodyand diffuser. The Ferrari 456 is equipped with a 5.5 liter V-12, producing 442bhp@6250rpm.