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Bugatti EB110 GT Specifications:

Make and Model: Bugatti EB110 GT
Year: 1991
Engine Type: 3.5 Liter Quad Turbo V12
Torque: 480lb-ft@4200rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 4.4 s
Suspension: double wishbone
Wheel Base: 100.4 inches
List Price $350,000
Horsepower: 611bhp@8250rpm
Top Speed: 207 mph
Brakes: Vented Discs w/ Vacuum Assist & ABS
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Weight: 3940 lbs


The Bugatti EB110 from Bugatti is one of the most celebrated cars in automotive history. It was unveiled on September 15, 1991 in both Versailles and in front of the Grande Arche at La D?fense in Paris, France exactly 110 years after Ettore Bugatti's birth. The powerplant is one of the most advanced and complex engines ever created while the chassis and design is just as superb.