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Bentley Continental Specifications:

Make and Model: Bentley Continental
Year: 1995
Engine Type: 6.75 liter Turbo V8
Torque: 650lb-ft@2200rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 5.8 s
Suspension: arm
Wheel Base: 120.5 inches
List Price $319,000
Horsepower: 420bhp@4000rpm
Top Speed: 170 mph
Brakes: 4-wheel vent. disc
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Weight: 5401 lbs


Two doors, but the Bentley Continental, like the open-topped Azure, is a full four-seater with the comfort of a saloon. It can be driven about town at a quietly civilized pace, but on an open road the Bentley Continental confidently shows off its ability to deliver performance to make your heart thump with excitement. The powerful combination of 400 bhp (299.6 kW/406PS) from its turbocharged, 6.75-litre, V8 engine and a chassis and drivetrain of tremendous agility puts the Bentley Continental firmly in the class of sporting coup?s with a 0-60mph/time of 6.0 seconds. But the huge torque, or pulling power of the Bentley's engine, is measured at 590 lb?ft (800Nm), and those figures put it in a class of its own. While other sports cars can perhaps come close on speed, none can match the Bentley's combination of power and huge torque.